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1v1 Battle

Nowadays, multiplayer games built on shoot-and-build mode are extremely popular and 1v1 Battle is a great example of such games. The game was created in 2021 year but already has a huge army of users who enjoy it every day. Even though that there are a lot of similar games available today, the 1v1 Battle has several advantages which make the game stand above the crowd. Keep in mind that this game is available only in multiplayer mode where you play against your opponent in 1 vs 1 mode and have to defeat him to win the match. The game has a pretty nice graphics in addition so some other interesting options, so you won't get bored while playing it. It is up to you which strategy to choose - build some platforms and then attack enemy or just rush into the front line and kill enemy. Building platforms and shooting at the same time is not an easy task so you may need some practice to get some experience. Check out the game controls below and enjoy playing the full version of the 1v1 Battle at our website. You can also download this game and play on your smartphones.

How To Play 1v1 Battle

[W][A][S][D] = walk / run
[Space] = jump
[Left ctrl] = crouch
[E] = use
[Left-click] = shoot / build
[Right-click] = aim
[R] = reload
[Z] / [X] / [C] / [V]= switch the ramps

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